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Why buy sterling silver jewellery from Pehr?

The Pehr experience is a complete one. And why not? After all, each collection has been carefully curated as an ode to the complete woman. As we talk of all things shiny and sparkly, we are mindful that “to sparkle like the sun, we must burn like it too.” Behind our jewellery, is a philosophy which resonates with our values- where we strive for perfection, to compliment the already perfect woman. To achieve this, we maintain a high benchmark for quality and purity, using 92.5% sterling silver to create our jewellery. Our graceful artisanal jewellery is robust and can last for lifetimes. Today’s jewellery can become tomorrow’s heirloom! As you pursue the perfect gift, you can choose from a world of contemporary designs- a dazzling range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. That is not all. You can work with our designers and customize your jewellery- put the initials of your loved one and surprise them! Shipping is free Pan India!

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