Latest collections of silver jewellery in India by Pehr – A woman’s dream come true

Jewellery – enough is never enough for the contemporary woman. She wants one to match her cape, scarf, and mascara... But most importantly, her personality. At Pehr, every gorgeous woman will find something that complements her charisma. What’s more, she can create her own customized jewellery, to tell her own story! Style her ring in a rare blue. Order different sizes for all generations of Señoras in the family! Make her daughter’s wedding special by gifting all her loved ones a piece of gratitude with their initials on it! Gift a piece of love to all your friends at a bridal shower to show your appreciation! Moreover, the Pehr gift card allows the receiver to choose their own jewellery! Not to mention the frills of elegant wrapping! – A gift box, a pouch, a polishing cloth, and inserts which express our gratitude, a slice of our story, and tips to keep your jewellery sparkling! Spread your love at every Pehr…

Latest Silver Jewellery Collection by Pehr

We at Pehr, have one of the finest collections of sterling silver jewellery in India. The latest silver jewellery collection range from Pehr is made from only the best quality materials. They are handcrafted by the finest craftsmen of Kolkata, West Bengal. The result is timeless jewellery in both style and quality. We offer a large selection of sterling silver earrings, rings, bracelets as well necklaces. This collection is created using the 92.5 silver, and includes a large variety of items - silver bracelets, silver earrings and silver necklaces as well as silver rings. Made from the highest quality sterling silver 92.5 which sometime has been rhodium-plated to provide each piece with a superior shine and a high-quality look. If sterling silver has been coated with rhodium it gives it a an attractive high-gloss finish and stops tarnishing and scratching as easily as sterling silver. So, rhodium-plated silver is considered to be extremely high-quality. If you're looking for the finest, timeless jewellery, then you should visit our websites and look through our vast selection of sterling silver rings, earrings, necklace and bracelets. Check out our selection and contact us for any inquiries!

Silver Jewellery Tips

Silver jewellery is an easy way to add instant glamour to any outfit. However, all those shines won't last when you neglect the proper care of your jewellery. Are you a fan of silver jewellery of late? If yes, then you'll need to take two times two cautious in storing silver jewellery and preserving its shine. Clean your jewellery prior to storing and store it in an airtight box. Carefully wash your silver jewellery in a warm water and mild soap-free detergent. Clean the crevices using an easy bristled brush. Be sure to dry the item after washing, and shine it using a polishing cloth. Avoid harsh water containing chemicals such as hot tub, hot springs or swimming pool as the chemical like Chlorine and Sulphur can cause harm to silver jewellery. Always remember, a piece of dry silver jewellery is a piece of happy silver jewellery. You should store it wrapping in anti-tarnish or tissue paper to keep the shine and stop discolouration.