What material is used to make the Pehr Jewellery ?

All our products are made of 92.5% sterling silver i.e., 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% copper.


Why do we use 92.5% sterling silver to make our jewelley?

Pure silver is a beautiful precious metal but difficult to work with when it comes to making jewellery. Given its soft and malleable nature, forming the jewellery might be easy, but keeping it in that form is difficult. Any hard bumps or scratches could significantly ruin the jewellery. By adding additional metals to make a silver alloy, sterling silver has an increased hardness which makes it ideal for jewellery


Why choose Pehr?

 At Pehr, we are proud of the jewellery we sell and we want you to be as well. Sterling Silver jewellery can make a beautiful addition to any silver jewellery collection. Whether you prefer sterling silver earrings, a sterling silver ring, or even a sterling silver pendant, we take the time to ensure that every one of our sterling silver pieces is truly 92.5% sterling silver. That way you can have peace of mind and confidence that the sterling silver earrings, ring, or pendant that you buy are 100 percent 92.5%sterling silver.


How to take care of the Pehr jewellery?

A true sterling silver piece of jewellery is actually fairly easy to maintain. Similar to other metals, sterling silver can oxidize over time and tarnish and therefore will need proper care to ensure it keeps its brilliant shine.

The first step to delay wear and tarnishing is to always store sterling silver in a cool and dry place. Store it in our signature pouch provided to keep it away from extreme temperatures.

Using a soft lint free cloth is a good way keep the silver shiny and lustrous. However, even if you forget to keep your sterling silver ring or earrings isolated and protected from harmful chemicals, it's easy to restore sterling silver to almost brand new. If you start to see your sterling silver tarnish and have a greenish hue to it, simply rub the sterling silver jewellery with the silver cloth provided by us with your piece of jewellery to turn the jewellery into its original shiny look.


Where are the products manufactured?

All our products are designed and manufactured in India. Each piece is handcrafted by our artisans, and we take utmost care with respect to quality control to ensure everyone receives a piece of jewellery that they absolutely love.


How do we ensure quality control and good working conditions for our artisans?

We ensure proper sanitization, hygiene and clean working conditions for all our Silversmiths.

As for our designs, we ensure two rounds of thorough screening. Each piece is intricately examined by our quality control team before it leaves the workshop and once before it is shipped.


Return Policy

We accept returns if our product reaches to the customer in a damaged condition. For more details, please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy.



Where can you adorn Pehr?

We have envisioned contemporary designs to adorn the modern woman. Designs that could be worn at every pehr. Whether it is a celebration, a soirée, or a walk in the park.


Is shipping chargeable?

We provide free shipping PAN India.


Bulk Orders and Customisation.

We at Pehr offer customisations and bulk ordering solutions from changing the size to choosing your own colour we would love to make the jewellery a little bit more yours.

For more information regarding this please email on hello@pehrsilver.com or you can get in touch with us on +91 9836624000.